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Decision on the petition

Posted by teknologi2 on March 5, 2010

Docket Hesham Al Warraq and Rafat Ali Rizvi Century Bank in the case to trial soon.

Decision on the petition that will be used to return the money abroad.

“This trial is for guidance through the authorities in Switzerland, to take the money saved in there,” said Chief Legal Information Center Didiek Darmanto Attorney General in Jakarta, Thursday, March 4, 2010.
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Didiek said Hesham docket and Rafat has been delegated to the Central Jakarta District Attorney country on March 2, yesterday. This case will be tried at the Central Jakarta District Court.

“It’s two files in a single indictment. Keep going in absentia, because the two suspects have not seen, yet there is also a legal representative,” he said.

According Didiek, very possible in the trial will reveal the involvement of other parties in this case. “At the trial, may be revealed who else was involved,” he said.

While recommendations for addressing the plenary of the House of Representatives, Didiek said Attorney General has not received a letter from the House of Representatives.

Attorney General, he said, still waiting to see if this case will be brought to the prosecutors, police, or the Corruption Eradication Commission. “But in principle, the law enforcement agencies must be ready,” he said.


Previously, the Department of the Inter team consisting of Police, Attorney General, CPC, Ministry of Finance found Century assets in Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Teams search assets Century Bank has requested the help of the Swiss authorities to withdraw the assets in the form of cash securities colateral associated with the mechanism of Assets Management Agreement (AMA) between PT Bank Century with Telltop Holding Limitedsebesar U.S. $ 220 million that was placed on the Dresdner Bank Switzerland.

However, according to a new management information Century Bank, assets in Switzerland that has shrunk to U.S. $ 156 million.

The team also asked for help from Hong Kong authorities to help track down and confiscate assets on behalf of the defendant Hesham Al Waraq and Rafat Ali Rizvi at Standard Chartered Bank of Hong Kong amounted to U.S. $ 650 million and 4 thousand Singapore dollars. And the assets of ING savings account at Hong Kong for U.S. $ 388.8 million.

Swiss court has seized the assets of Century Bank in the Dresdner Bank of Swizzerland. But this seizure had objections from certain parties.

Although there are objections, the court declared the Swiss authorities were still open opportunities for asset withdrawn Indonesia. The way the trial in absentia, was held to Hesham and Rafat combined with money laundering case.


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