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FB Indonesia soon after another England in second position

Posted by teknologi2 on June 25, 2010

As a country that has the fourth largest population in the world, Indonesia does have a great potential in terms of number of internet users.

Not surprisingly, now Indonesia is one country that has the largest number of users in the field of online social networking.

According to the Deputy President Director of Bakrie Telecom, Erik Meijer, Indonesia is now the third largest country in terms of number of users of social networking Facebook, under the United States and England.

“There are nearly 25 million Facebook users in Indonesia,” he said at the launch event AHA data services, in Jakarta, June 24, 2010. Exactly, now there are 24.72236 million Facebook users who come from Indonesia.

No less interesting, the number of Facebook users in Indonesia, even going off again. “In the near future, the United Kingdom with a number of facebook users are only about 27 million, will soon tersalip by Indonesia,” he explains.

Erik prediction makes sense. Like other developed countries, the UK internet market is already saturated and ‘mature’ and never will rise significantly. Meanwhile, on the basis of data from the International Telecommunication Union), Internet penetration in Indonesia only 12.5 percent of the total population.

That is, based on the same data, from about 30 million Indonesian Internet users, approximately 82.57 percent of them use Facebook.

Furthermore, Erik presents, micro-blogging network Twitter users in Indonesia, there are about 6 million people. No wonder when Trending topics from Indonesia more often dominates Twitter sphere.

According to Director of Business Development, Google Asia, Emmanuel Sauquet, Twitter users Indonesia is the largest in Asia. “All indicators of Internet growth in Indonesia has shown a good thing,” said Sauquet.

According to a research institute and an international business consultant who was quoted Erik, in the year 2014, there were 234 million cellular subscribers in Indonesia, or 90 percent of the population, and 20 percent of whom are projected to 3G subscribers.

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