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Keep an eye on the Archipelago Stock Exchange Infrastructure

Posted by teknologi2 on July 28, 2010

Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) re-establish a stock that moves out of the ordinary (unusual market activity / UMA). These shares is PT Nusantara Infrastructure Tbk (META).

Archipelago shares have increased prices and transaction activity compared to the previous period. During the period of 21 to 23 July 2010, the share price had gained Nusantara Infrastructure from Rp120 to Rp165 per unit.

Meanwhile, at the closing of the transaction first session today, the stock price had weakened coded Rp28 META trade (12.73 percent) to Rp192.

“Information exchange is the last published on July 23, 2010 regarding the disclosure of information,” said Director of BEI, Ito Warsito, in a written explanation on the Jakarta Stock Exchange, Tuesday, July 27, 2010.

Along the increase of unusual transaction activity, the stock exchange authorities were looking at the development of stock prices and activity in the construction sector and related services infrastructure.

For that, IDX asked investors pay attention to answer the request confirmation of the stock company. Moreover, stock exchange authorities urged investors to scrutinize corporate performance and disclosure information.

Stock investors also asked to review the company’s corporate action plan, if not yet approved by the shareholders general meeting (AGM). Authorities also hoped that investors consider the various possibilities before making an investment decision.

Despite moving out of the ordinary, stocks categorized as unusual market activity does not necessarily indicate a breach in the field of capital markets. (Hs)


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