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According to reliable source

Posted by teknologi2 on November 18, 2010

Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI), Jakarta, urged the alleged conspiracy involved a number of journalists IPO Krakatau Steel, early November 2010, investigated thoroughly. If proven, the perpetrators journalists should receive strict punishment, because it has tainted the credibility of Indonesian journalists.

This allegation came from the report a number of parties directly involved in the bidding process stake in PT Krakatau Steel (violent). They pointed to a number of journalists from several major media attempt to derive the strong IPO allotment without going through the procedures in force in the capital market.

According to reliable source, the fourth is a leading national media, two newspapers, a news portal, and one television station.

Based on information compiled AJI Jakarta, a number of journalists were asking lots allotted 1.500 shares of the strong IPO worth USD 637.5 million. The request was reportedly accompanied by pressure through negative publicity surrounding the IPO of Krakatau Steel. In addition to stocks, a number of journalists were also reportedly asked for cash.

“If proven, these journalists actions clearly violate the code of journalistic ethics Indonesian journalists (KEWI),” said Chairman of AJI Jakarta Branch, Rev. Dhyatmika, in a statement, Thursday, November 18, 2010. “Article 6 KEWI clearly and firmly stated that Indonesia does not misuse professional journalists and do not accept bribes. In addition, the act of reporters who asked for these rations indicated the strong IPO crime of extortion.”

According to AJI, ways of working journalists who are tainted by personal commercial interests and groups could threaten the investment climate in Indonesia. The news about the stock market made disproportionately, tendentious and unbalanced can confuse investors.

Therefore, AJI Jakarta to be, first, urging the parties to find out about this conspiracy to officially report immediately to the Press Council and the Police. This report is important that these institutions can immediately investigate reports of journalists who ask this the strong IPO allotment. Second, AJI calls on all journalists covering the Indonesian Stock Exchange, in order to remain critical and balanced in giving information required by the public.

Press Council itself has received no formal reports from Krakatau Steel reporters that there were four persons who allegedly asked for Krakatau Steel IPO allotment approximately 1,500 lots, or 750,000 units, or about Rp637 million. Press Council will call the Chief Editor of four journalists.

“Four journalists on behalf of 30 journalists. In addition to requesting the allotment of shares prime, they are also asking for money,” said a member of the Press Council Fleet to VIVAnews.com Vienna, Thursday, November 18, 2010
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