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Psychologists show the fastest

Posted by teknologi2 on February 7, 2011

Most women are often teased him by a wink, hair string, or parse a charming smile. However, you need to know, there are way more powerful to make him fall down. What is it?

Psychologists show the fastest way for a woman to attract the attention of the man gently touched his arm.

As quoted from dailymail, researchers recruited a woman of 20 years, ranked ‘average interest’ by a panel of 18 people for close to 64 single men who were randomly selected in a bar.

He asked each man helping women get a key-dependent.

Over half of the meeting, the woman then touched him for one second by touching the man’s arm before thanked him and returned to the table.

Researchers found a third of the men who had touched his arm, apparently interested in starting a conversation with a woman. But only 16 percent who tried to speak, if they do not make physical contact.

Referring to the power of touch, Dr Nicolas Gueguen from the University of South Brittany, who led the study, said: “Many researchers have found that non-verbal contacts significantly improve compliance.”

It works in other ways as well. A previous study by Dr. Gueguen found that women are easier to dance with men if they are touched lightly on the arm first.

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