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Destroy Deltras Management

Posted by teknologi2 on March 3, 2011

When another club to revamp the team faces a second round of Indonesia Super League (ISL), Sidoarjo Deltras take more extreme measures. The team nicknamed The Lobster management completely overhauled.

The plan Thursday (03/03/2011) or today, the new board will be announced officially Deltras. But until yesterday yet plainly anyone who occupy management positions in brand-new. It’s just going to hold the position of Chairman of the Sidoarjo Regent Saiful Illah.

Formation Team Secretary explained Deltras Rosid Mardani, new management arrangement has been submitted to the Government District (regency), Sidoarjo. Later Pemkab that would legitimize the list drawn up the team formation.

“Tomorrow (today) the decision has to be announced to the public. To be sure much has changed positions and it was through the mature consideration, “said Rosid Mardani. He was dismissed when touched position as chairman Saiful Illah Deltras.

Previously, the general chairman position is plotted for the Vice Regent of Sidoarjo Hadi Sucipto. But then the position was handed to Saiful Illah who previously served Deltras responsibility. So where Vigit Waluyo?

Men are quite dominant in Deltras in the last seasons of The Lobster was reportedly given a position as vice chairman. In the first round and then, Vigit the post of General Manager (GM) Deltras. Changes also occur in the position of team manager.

Ayu Sartika Virianti no longer occupies a position he held during the first round last. Unfortunately Rosid yet to reveal who the team manager who will oversee Deltras in the second round later. “The position of manager already exists, but tomorrow it is,” said Rosid.

Change management in mid-thought the competition aims to raise the overall team performance. The aim is to improve achievement Deltras, as well as a white-red team is headed for an independent club.

“The plan right Deltras will not depend on the budget. Well, we prepare that way, “said Rosid. It denies management changes are to expedite the flow of local government budgets, as has been very sluggish.

Meanwhile, the changes it brings its own expectations for the team based in Gelora Delta Sidoarjo. Assistant Coach Deltras Nus Yadera sirinya hope many will acknowledge there are significant changes with a change of management on a large scale.

Can lift morale main players in every game, because the second round is much more difficult to predict. “We predicted the end of the competition will be more difficult. So we all hope there is a change that makes the player doubled his motivation, “he said when contacted.

Deltras had termehek-mehek in the first round due to run out the contents of the account. In fact, the care team Mustaqim had not received salaries for months due to financial crisis. Waluyo Vigit discourse has ever cast to sell the club.


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