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He admitted to

Posted by teknologi2 on February 2, 2011

sf-called mental illness? Who knew the answer was the psychiatrist. But if you people who like having an affair, consider the reasons peselingkuh out there who had recovered from his habit.

A friend told me, he always had an affair behind his girlfriend and eventually met her husband now. He often felt trapped and unable to take the relationship seriously.

He admitted to cheating ban logic, but always managed to rationalize the act by saying to him having an affair because they feel trapped.

Remarkably, the behavior changed when he met with her husband now. Somehow he is able to provide space and do not always insist on her husband. The story is no longer the affair continues and they now live happily.

The story above is an example peselingkuh that have been “cured”. Selingkuhnya behavior has reached the point where he rationalize and accept the affair, but then he found a way to change. Peselingkuh Andakah one who wanted to “heal”, but do not know how?

Consider some reason peselingkuh want to heal their behavior, as reviewed Marieclaire.

Guilt grows out of shame

Peselingkuh can not ignore the feelings when having an affair. On the other hand, they also never want to hurt anyone else again. Shame grows out of guilt. Instead prides itself with the number of people who successfully conquered, they would develop a sense of shame for not bermoralnya behavior.

Want to build healthy relationships

If you are in an unhealthy relationship or is not satisfactory, you will more easily find elsewhere. So before looking for satisfaction elsewhere, sehatkan your relationship first.


Some people convince themselves they are ready to settle down and commit serious in a relationship. But the toughest part of this self principle is to recognize weaknesses and what you do not want to admit to yourself. This is certainly the most important and decisive in the sense of self.

Want to feel safe

We are certainly pleased when more and more people praise to prove we are worthy. Very few people can accept the situation that he did not have anyone who holds one. Peselingkuh can recover if they feel safe with the recognition of the people around him.

Feel proud to be calculated

Most peselingkuh keep doing it because no one ever judge them to be reckoned with, both by couples and their environment.

Emotionally mature

Emotional immaturity causes of vulnerability, carelessness, and the affair over and over again.

It feels strong

Loyalty and honesty are associated with a strong personality. Peselingkuh who want to “recover” need the strength to resist temptation.

Feel should be changed

Just like any rehabilitation, the changes do not occur unless the person is a persistent wish to change.


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